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The Broad Spectrum Protector Against Photo-Againg.

Natural booster to overcome photo-damage and photo-aging caused by sun radiation

Achieves the next step in Photo-dermatology: Global Protection

  • BIO-protection against Photo-Induced Aging
  • Broad Spectrum Natural Photoprotection against Solar Radiation (UV/VIS/IR).
  • Multictive ingredient:  5 activities in one product:
  • Soothing, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Photoprotection, Regeneration
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The product: 


Is a glycerin based product derived from the cultured and lysed plant stem cells from Gossypium herbaceum [the Arabian Cotton] obtained by our Plant Cell Biofactories Technology Platform. Enriched and standardized in a characteristic phytocomplex of polyphenolics from the plant, topically applied can complement and boost the skin cells´ own defense mechanisms to overcome the photo-damage and photo-aging caused by sun radiation. 


The plant:


Gossypium herbaceum, the Arabian Cotton, is an extremophile native plant from semi-arid regions of sub Saharan Africa and Arabia. Due to the hard environmental conditions, Arabian Cotton has developed a great diversity of defensive molecules (phenolics and flavonoids) that help the plant cell to protect and repair its structures against sun damage.

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