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Vytrus Biotech was born in June 2009 as Phyture Biotech, a spin-off company of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Universitat de Barcelona, from a research group with more than 40 years of experience in the technology of plant cell cultures. On 2011 we launched the company's first cosmetic ingredient, and in 2013, the first medical device, based in the plant cell cultures technology, and pioneer in the Spanish market.


In 2012 we joined the Inkemia Group, company member of the Mercado Alternativo Bursatil (MAB,  Spanish Alternative Investment Market). During 2014 we started our expansion and worldwide internationalization. On 2016, due to a new focus on the business model, broadening to different sectors, we changed the company name, becoming Vytrus Biotech.  



Vytrus Biotech facilities are  located in Terrassa, Barcelona.


The company's main focus is on research and innovation. Therefore the facilities are equipped with plenty industrial capabilities to perform qualified procedures:




  • Administrative office
  • Research laboratory
  • Production Plant
  • Full Analytic platform (GS-MS, LS-MS, RMN, UPLC, etc)
  • Different scale bioreactors


Founded by entrepreneurs,  grown by a talented team of committed people


Being part of the Vytrus team means...




Nowadays, the  industry is more and more immersed in innovation, and it is also highly committed to environmental sustainability, ethics and fair trade.


We strongly believe that this focus on innovation and sustainability in the cosmetic and dermocosmetics sector has to act and be seen as a reference and example for other industries to follow, and we have established our company around these values accordingly.

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